Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Blog sa BSBA 1-2MA

Sa palagay ko ito n ung may pinaka magagandang gawa ng Blog
1. Arnie Trumata
2. Ronald Zarain
3. Alelie Ygbuhay
4. Asel Reyes
5. Pede ako n lng d2(Francis Castro)

Monday, October 1, 2007

College Life: Fun or Miserable

Once again you will be encountering probably the last stage that can give you fame or blame.That is entering the unforgettable life of college.Some tells college life is not like any other life you encountered when you where in elemnetary or high school.This time you will learn not to depend much on your classmates knowledge but to accept the challenge of using your own skills to attain your dream to greatness.Some thinks this college life was miserable.Why?Because this time you will encounter the difficulty of doing term papers, thesis that will give you sleepless nights before you finish it.Or maybe the difficulty of doing some defense in your term paper qhich some terror professor on some lazy students who are not pating attetion to their termpaper and only getting them on the internet.After all of this miserable life there is also the fun side of being a college student.You might experience serious relationship(for those who don't have any),happy memories while doing research papers or maybe a get together party to know your classmates even more.For me college life is just like high school life but more serious.It might probably my stepping stone to have a succesful career and have a meaningful life in the future.So for those who are new to college life don't think this stage of your study life is just a like chewing peanuts.Think first because it might your chance to have fame or your chance to be blame........

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wikipilipinas: The Philippines version of Wikipedia

One unstated principle of Wikipilipinas would be the view that Filipinos and Filipinas (or the Filipinized ones?) know better. And since the primary intended audience are Filipinos and ethno-cultural groups in the Philippines, Filipinos and Filipinas would have the appropriate tact in gathering information and delivering them to the readers using localized language. Wikipilipinas is a welcome idea. But I can’t say whether its time has come. I can’t even guess if at least some Pinoy wikipedians problematize whether they would stop writing or ‘developing content’ for Wikipedia and devote their energies on Wikipilipinas instead. And I learned from news that the site would soon monetize the hits by placing ads on the site’s pages. We must try to understand that the site is young, no older than my one year old niece. Wikipedia was like that five years ago, and early users usually copy paste articles from old books and free info webs, especially public ones, in the site. Remember that not long ago Encarta and Britannica Encyclopedia criticized Wikipedia, mocking its unencyclopedic entries which they claim were turning the knowledge world into a universe of gossips, controversies, spamming and scum talks. Wikipilipinas, to some extent, has been experiencing the same criticisms. My take on this is that we should give it a try. Besides, Filipinos do it for Filipinos. The sad reality is that foreign knowledge portals have taken over the information that we, as Filipinos, should have been the foremost, if not the only, holder is a clear kick in our face. We should not rub it in and instead, do something beneficial. That’s why its a free-content site where anybody can edit. The site needs you, me and other knowledge-lover people.

Friday, September 14, 2007

All about ME

I am a former student of PSBA QC and suddenly transferred at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina for a reason why some student like me transfer to another school to accomplish their studies. I do not even bother to ask my parents why I need to go to a new school and left my college friends without knowing. But life must go on so I went to PLMar to pursue my dreams. Without knowing what will happen to me I accept the challenge of finding and having friends that can help me finish my studies. For the first time I realize that you dont need a beautiful school to achieve your dreams and finding true friends to your success. Before I went to tears in posting this article,I want you to know the sweet side of my life. I am proud that I have parents that are striving hard to keep us their sibling to have a comfortable life and friends who help me to reach this stage of my life. I love playing basketball and badminton and sometimes I also admire playing online games. I want to meet new friends and maybe a girl that can be my inspiration in life.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Computer 1

well ang masasabi ko lang ay marami akong natutunan n bago ngaun sa subject n ito. Akalain mong tunuruan kami ng prof. namin kung pano gumawa ng blog n a karaniwang di naman tinuturo sa ibang section. Di namin expected n madali lng pala ang computer basat may backgound at may konting alam sa mga basics nito. Pero thankful ako at pati ng mga kaklse ko n c Mam Joan Pinon ang naging prof namin kasi kahit n bagong prof lng siya sa Pamantasan at alam niya na di gaanong kumpleto sa facility ang iskul ay pinagtiyagaan niya kaming turuan kahit na minsan ay makukulit kami lalo n c Ronald Zarain and Bestfriend n Mam sa rum. Pero atleast d mo na kami n matatwag n ignorante when it comes to computer. Kaya Mam kung mababasa mo toh thank you sa lahat ng itinuro mo sa amin.